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The package CircuiTikz provides a set of macros for naturally typesetting electrical and electronic networks. This article explains basic usage of this package.


[edit] Introduction

CircuiTikz includes several nodes that can be used with standard tikz syntax.

\begin{circuitikz} \draw
(0,0) to[ variable cute inductor ] (2,0); 


To use the package it must be imported with


in the preamble. Then the environment circuitikz is used to typeset the diagram with tikz syntax. In the example a node called variable cute inductor is used.

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[edit] A working example

As mentioned before, to draw electrical network diagrams you should use tikz syntax, the examples even work if the environment tikzpicture is used instead of circuitikz; below a more complex example is presented.

\begin{circuitikz}[american voltages]
  (0,0) to [short, *-] (6,0)
  to [V, l_=$\mathrm{j}{\omega}_m \underline{\psi}^s_R$] (6,2) 
  to [R, l_=$R_R$] (6,4) 
  to [short, i_=$\underline{i}^s_R$] (5,4) 
  (0,0) to [open, v^>=$\underline{u}^s_s$] (0,4) 
  to [short, *- ,i=$\underline{i}^s_s$] (1,4) 
  to [R, l=$R_s$] (3,4)
  to [L, l=$L_{\sigma}$] (5,4) 
  to [short, i_=$\underline{i}^s_M$] (5,3) 
  to [L, l_=$L_M$] (5,0); 


The nodes short, V, R and L are presented here, but there a lot more. Some of them are presented in the next section.

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[edit] List of nodes

Below most of the elements provided by CircuiTikz are listed:







dynamical bipoles


  Open an example of the circuitikz package in Overleaf

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