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    Posted by Henry on December 31, 2011

    This article was originally published on the ShareLaTeX blog and is reproduced here for archival purposes.


    I am pleased to anounce the launch of the beta, an LaTeX editor in your browser. We aim at making writing LaTeX with multiple people as easy as possible. Although still in beta, we offer a fully featured LaTeX editor with compile to pdf using pdflatex and clear errors.

    Sharing LaTeX

    Our core aim is allowing users to collaberate on LaTeX documents as easy as possible. With with a few clicks it is easy to add a new user to a project and see them modifying a project in real time.

    Always up to date

    Working inside ShareLaTeX allows you to see other users modifying documents in real time, as they type you see the changes. This means the project you are looking at is always up to date, no more emailing tex files and trying to merge them into the correct version.


    Setting up a LaTeX environment can be hard, we take the pain out of that by doing it all on our servers. You just need an account to get writing great LaTeX documents.


    While in beta our system will be 100% free. Once out of beta we aim to always offer a fully featured free account. At the moment the only thing we are planning on limiting is the total number of projects.


    No more lost USB pens, stolen laptops or broken hard drives, we store all the data in a robust proven method. Let us worry about making backups and you can get on with work.

    No Lockins

    At any point you can download the entire project as zip with a couple of clicks. Its your work to do with as you wish and we have no intention of locking you into our editor.

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