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  • Exploring the Connected Culture of Collaboration - a new #OverleafReport

    Posted by John on March 13, 2017
    Real-time collaboration network visualization by Ian Calvert

    I'm delighted to announce that today, Overleaf has released a new report which takes an in-depth look at active collaborative research patterns. Rather than examining post-published collaboration patterns, “The Connected Culture of Collaboration” explores how real-time information on collaboration can provide insights in collaboration patterns on national, state and institution-level scales.

    Supported and contributed to by Digital Science, the report features a number of thought leadership pieces and includes a foreword from Laurel Haak, Executive Director, ORCID. The report focuses on the varying aspects of collaboration: how collaboration is valued in science, the role of university libraries in research communication, and how the growth of open access facilitates collaboration.

    Download the report from figshare.

    Contributed articles include:

    • Understanding the existing and emerging trends in global research collaboration – as it happens. John Hammersley, CEO, Overleaf, London, UK
    • What value collaboration? Recognising, understanding and incentivising collaboration. Liz Allen, F1000, London, UK
    • A new cartography of collaboration. Ian Calvert, CTO, Prose and Code, Manchester and Senior Data Scientist, Digital Science & Daniel Hook, CEO, Digital Science, London, UK
    • In support of collaboration. Helen Josephine, Stanford University, California, USA
    • Making the most of OA: A focus on collaboration. Sam Burridge, Consultant and Advisor, London, UK

    Plus... if you're in London tonight, the report is being launched at #FuturePub 10, where Daniel will be giving a short overview of the report and his contribution. Hope to see you there, and don't forget to download your own copy of the report!

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