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  • A letter from Hans Toquica, Universidad Nacional de Colombia - winners of #CampusChallenge 2016

    Posted by Shelly on April 12, 2016

    Following the recent announcement of the winners of the Overleaf Campus Challenge 2016, we received the following, very heartfelt message of thanks from one of our Advisors who's based at the winning institution, Universidad Nacional de Columbia.

    Hello everybody;

    I wish I have everyone's email in there just to let you know how happy we are for being the Overleaf Campus Challenge Winners.

    We truly believe you guys are making a beautiful job; what you are offering is the chance to make us grow personally and professionally; Colombia is a nation that is growing academically and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, being the best university in Colombia, is surely supporting this idea, we want to become a well known institution because of its academic research and it's growing technical and scientific community.

    This dream is now supported by Overleaf, by giving us the chance to develop our papers and homeworks using such a perfect typographic system as it is LaTeX, this will surely attract everyone's sights onto us.

    Also I wanted to thank you again, the chance you gave me of becoming an Overleaf Advisor; you can be sure I am doing my best to inspire everyone into LaTeX throughout Overleaf; not only for the sake of Colombia but also (although it sounds excessive) for the benefit of the humanity.

    Thanks for reading this email, entirely yours,

    Hans Toquica photo

    Hans Milos Toquica Cáceres
    Overleaf Advisor
    Universidad Nacional de Colombia
    Ingeniería Mecatrónica.

    On behalf of the entire Overleaf team, thank you for your heartfelt message. We appreciate your efforts as an Overleaf Advisor and are so happy to know how beneficial Overleaf is to your work. We look forward to witnessing your continued success and the continued success of Universidad Nacional de Columbia.

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